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Our latest single, Human Being, is a pop song reversing gender steretypes.

You can listen to the single for free here, but if you buy a download then all proceeds are being donated to Refuge domestic violence charity.

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Little Green, is inspired by Joni Mitchell, and features contributions from Before Breakfast, Morven Bryce and Manon McCoy.

You can listen here for free, but if you buy a download then all proceeds are being donated to Refuge domestic violence charity.

The Unsung

The Unsung is a funeral party for the forgotten fallen heroes of music – not the famous dead rock stars, but the people whose story has never been told. A journey in poetry and music from Sheffield poet Genevieve Carver and her live band. The Unsung takes you on a whirlwind tour around the world exploring how music has shattered the lives of those who’ve loved it most.

The Unsung toured nationally in 2017 to venues including The Roundhouse, won the award for excellence in spoken word at Buxton Fringe Festival, and completed a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. 

Genevieve Carver A Beautiful Way to be Crazy poetry collection

A Beautiful Way to be Crazy and other poems from the stage

Verve Poetry Press, 2020

Based on interviews with women in the music industry, A Beautiful Way to be Crazy is a tale of growing up and finding a voice. It was originally a show by Genevieve and her live band The Unsung, weaving together spoken word, music, verbatim interview clips a few teenage diary entries. This book features the poems from this show alongside some of Genevieve's best and most memorable performance pieces.

  • PBK: £9.99

  • ISBN: 978 1 912565 35 1

  • 96 pages 216 x 138 • 32  poems

  • Market: General/trade

  • Genre: Poetry Collection

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