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​Guillemot Press, 2024

Birds / Humans / Machines / Dolphins is the result of a residency with the University of Aberdeen's School of Biological Sciences. The poems integrate poetic and scientific processes, data about animal life histories and first-hand encounters with ecological fieldwork, giving voice to the non-human in surprising and original ways. In addition to the text, Genevieve collaborated with composer Lucie Treacher to create the EP Hydrophonica, blending spoken word and music with underwater field recordings of bottlenose dolphins.

"It’s such an interesting and surprising hybrid, which manages to be deeply funny and very sad at the same time, an unusual feat in both science writing and poetry, even more unusual when the two are blended. Both the birds and the language were thrillingly – and in unexpected ways – alive…"

  —  Max Porter

Genevieve Carver A Beautiful Way to be Crazy poetry collection

​Broken Sleep Books, 2023

Landsick inverts the idea of seasickness – in this pamphlet it is the lives we lead on land that are unstable, uncertain and often nauseous, while the ocean’s rhythm provides moments of solace, rest or hope. In exploring this inversion, Landsick engages with the wider theme of connectivity and discord between humans and the natural world.


"Carver joyrides the nature poem through weird and wonderful territories – grunions collectivize, a plastic whale finds its voice and love swells ‘the pockets of the bladderwrack’. Attentive, funny and emboldening, Landsick will reorient you."

   — Isabel Galleymore, Significant Other


"Deeply funny and very sad at the same time...the ironic and the tender are perfectly fused, and formal innovations are cleverly tethered to meaning."

   — Max Porter, Lanny

Verve Poetry Press, 2020

Based on interviews with women in the music industry, A Beautiful Way to be Crazy is a tale of growing up and finding a voice. It was originally a show by Genevieve and her live band The Unsung, weaving together spoken word, music, verbatim interview clips a few teenage diary entries. This book features the poems from this show alongside some of Genevieve's best and most memorable performance pieces.

"Genevieve Carver is a stunning poet - her writing strikes sharply and with intention. These poems jump off the page, ready to sing and dance and play in symphonic moments, carrying with them the emotional detail that makes this collection a difficult book to put down."
-- Ciarán Hodgers, Cosmocartography

the unsung book and cd

The Unsung Book & CD


The Unsung is a funeral party for the forgotten fallen heroes of music – not the famous dead rock stars, but the people whose story has never been told. A journey in poetry and music from Sheffield poet Genevieve Carver and her live band. The Unsung takes you on a whirlwind tour around the world exploring how music has shattered the lives of those who’ve loved it most.

The Unsung toured nationally in 2017 to venues including The Roundhouse, won the award for excellence in spoken word at Buxton Fringe Festival, and completed a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. 

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