December 22, 2016

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Recipe for a New Poem

December 22, 2016


Recipe for a New Poem



250g natural imagery

250g inner turmoil

100g assonance

50cl dry London gin


Take one kernel of lucidity, born in the night.

Crush lightly, using your own backbone for a pestle.

Toast together with your thoughts on love

until they blacken and begin to smell like

your grandmother’s laundry room.


Add half a pint of longing and leave to simmer –

the longing should permeate the mixture

until it separates, forming a fine film

of heartache on the surface.


Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

While waiting, drink the gin.

Telephone a few old friends, remind them of the good times.

Make sure to always taste your poem;

if you can’t stomach it, neither will they.


Once the poem has set, transfer to an oil drum

infused with your country’s past.

Take the drum somewhere scenic;

rest it on a shingle shore

and allow it to draw in the ocean’s breath.


Return home, turn your poem upside-down

and slice it lengthways.

Listen closely for the hiss of misperception.

Serve cold, with lashings of pretext

and slip silently from the kitchen via a side door.

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